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Mailbag: What If The Cowboys Picked No. 1? Missing DeMarcus Ware?

If Dallas had the No. 1 overall pick as opposed to No. 4, would that change who they already have their eyes on now? If so, who would they select to help address the problems in Big D?

David: I don't think it'd really change much. You're still looking at the same handful of elite players. If anything, maybe you approach the draft with a bit more peace of mind – because you're guaranteed to get your guy. Or maybe it increases the incentive to trade down. But you're still talking about the same talent pool.

Rob:As early as it is in the pre-draft process, I would think they've got their eyes on every top prospect. A lot can change from now until April regarding who's in the top 5 prospects. I really believe they're going to take the best player at No. 4. With a pick that high, it's much more important to get the player you think is best than simply fill a need.

Man, DeMarcus Ware is having a great run. Yeah, he's on a great team with great playmakers, but the Cowboys flat out released him. Any chance the team is looking back at that decision with any regret?

David: I think the Cowboys regretted that decision the minute they made it, but it was something they had to do to fix their salary cap. Ware was hitting the cap too hard for his level of production. Releasing him helped them sort out their finances, which is part of the reason why their cap number looks so favorable in 2016. Obviously, it stings a bit to see him excel in Denver, but that's the business side of the NFL.

Rob:Look, they made a financial decision at the time. Ware was turning 32, coming off elbow surgery, set to count $16 million against the salary cap. The move saved them over $7 million. Obviously Ware has continued playing at a high level and has been a major factor in the Broncos' Super Bowl run. Those are just decisions you have to make sometimes in order to keep your cap in decent shape. It certainly wasn't an easy decision regarding one of the best players in team history.


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