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Mailbag: What Is Byron Jones' Future Position? Escobar's Production?

I thought Byron Jones did a great job against Rob Gronkowski.  I was wondering what your thoughts are on his future position with the team -- cover corner, nickelback, free safety?

Bryan: I believe that you will see Byron Jones as the future safety in this defense just because of how difficult it is to find that position. His ability to cover and finish will one day make him a very valuable player.

David:I imagine there are plenty of fans who would like to see Byron inserted at safety over either J.J. Wilcox or Barry Church, but I doubt you'll see that this season. His success against Gronk is a great example of why. Jones gives the Cowboys a great asset for coping with guys like Gronkowski – not to mention Jimmy Graham, who visits AT&T Stadium in three weeks.


It has been quite surprising and disappointing that Gavin Escobar has been such a non-factor so far this season.  What has been the reason for this?

Bryan: He was drafted for a specific scheme and with the current way in which they play – he is a bad fit. This offense with Tony Romo at the controls is better when they can get in 11 personnel and attack. When Garrett was calling the plays – they were mainly a 12 personnel offense. It appears that they are now trying to find thing for him to do but in reality he is not a dynamic player. It's like they are trying to force him the ball and not having success in the process.

David:I honestly thought Escobar stood to benefit a lot from the loss of Dez Bryant to a broken foot, but it just hasn't worked out that way. You could argue that some of that has to do with the quarterback play since Tony Romo went out, since Romo had done a nice job of finding Escobar in the first two games. Simply put, though, it just doesn't seem like Escobar fits into what they're trying to do.

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