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Mailbag: What Is Ronald Leary's Trade Value? Interest In Dwight Freeney?


In your opinion, what would be fair compensation for Ronald Leary?*

Bryan: There are a couple of things working against them here – medical history and the fact that they have already tried to move him before the draft without any takers. Leary is a starting guard in this league and a good one at that but their expectations get less and less each day. If they manage to agree with a club on a 6th round selection with the idea that it could move to a 5th if he is a starter – then I feel like they've made a good deal.

David: As is usually the case, I think the realistic price tag is probably a lot lower than what most fans want to hear. You could possibly trade Leary for a decent player – maybe a pass rusher? But player-for-player trades just don't happen that often in the NFL. If the Cowboys were to deal him, I'd guess a fourth-round pick is about as much as they could hope to get.

I noticed that Dwight Freeney is still out there. He had eight sacks last year, would be a good veteran presence, would come cheap, and would probably sign a one-year deal. Why haven't we heard more about any interest from the Cowboys about him?

Bryan:Because they are more interested in seeing what Benson Mayowa, David Irving and Charles Tapper could do. This team wants to play with younger players and adding older ones especially along the defensive line doesn't fit in what Stephen Jones wants to do going forward.

David: We've gotten a lot of questions about Freeney over the last two or three weeks. To be completely honest, I struggle to come up with good reasons why the Cowboys shouldn't be interested. But if I had to guess, it's that they feel encouraged by their youth movement. At this point in his career, Freeney is basically limited to pass rush situations. I think they'd rather have more durable, versatile players.


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