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Mailbag: What Matchup Will Parnell Face On Sunday?; Dez's Best Route?

Who will Jermey Parnell be blocking against Green Bay? Do you expect him to do a better job than against Detroit?

Bryan: The Packers like to move around their defensive front. The guy that will start in front of him will be Josh Boyd but during the game he will see Datone Jones, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Nick Perry. He will need to play better mentally because physically he wasn't bad. If he plays like he did against the Colts and Redskins in the previous weeks he will be fine, and so will the offense.

David:My guess is that the Packers will mix and match until they find the guy that troubles Parnell the most. You've got to assume that rushing against Tyron Smith is almost a wasted effort, so I won't be surprised if both Peppers and Matthews -- Green Bay's best pass rushers -- spend a decent amount of time going against Parnell.


Dez Bryant should run a hitch to set up the go. What is his best route?

Bryan:I need to ask him that question and I guess he would say his back shoulder work on the goal line. There are two that I like and that is either his slant or five to seven yard drag because it is such simple throw for Romo to make. Getting him the ball on the move sets up the opportunity for a huge play.

David:Yeah, I've got to go with the route that has netted him the majority of his touchdowns this season. I'm not sure anybody in the NFL runs the fade route, and is more unstoppable on that play, than Dez Bryant. Almost every time they get near the goal line, the Cowboys try that play at least once. It works more often than it doesn't.

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