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Mailbag: What's Claiborne's Potential Worth? Weeden's Ceiling?

What if Morris Claiborne comes back and has a great year and finally meets expectations? What kind of market would be out there for him next year? Would the cowboys make an attempt at keeping him based on one year?

Bryan: Cornerbacks are difficult to find but one with the injury history such as Claiborne might scare teams away even if he plays well. I personally feel that if Claiborne does come back and plays well – he on his own will look for another opportunity with a fresh start. He has been beaten up pretty good by the fans here – so I would understand if he went that route.

David:Even if he has a great year, the long history of injuries is going to affect any deal Claiborne gets going forward. Granted, teams tend to overpay in free agency, but I can't imagine him grabbing more than a $3 million or $4 million deal. Let's see how well he bounces back first, though.


Every time Weeden's name is mentioned, the only game people talk about is against Arizona.  Why does no one give him any credit for bringing us back against Washington?

Bryan: It was the Washington game that gave me hope that things would have been different, but that Arizona game was poor especially with all the work that he got leading up to it. I understand that the Cardinals defense was one of the best in the league but he did nothing right.  

David:I think the reason for that is that the Arizona game was a situation where Weeden had a week to prepare – and conversely, the opponent had a week to study him and prepare for that possibility. It's always a bit more difficult to prepare for a guy in a one-off, immediate entrance like against Washington.

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