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Mailbag: What's In Store For Chaz Green? Reasoning For Drafting Linebacker?



With the free agency signings as well as speculation the Cowboys will probably use a draft pick on the OL, what's Chaz Green's role on this team now? Does he move back to full time backup at left tackle or do they keep him at guard?

Bryan:I see Green moving back to tackle full time. Jason Garrett tried to play his best five and it didn't work. They should have never moved Green in the first place. I am not saying this now because it didn't work but having him backing up Tyron Smith was more important than starting at guard. Hopefully they can get the player back to the level at which he was playing at in 2016. 

David:It's a good question, and I think the coaches are going to give Chaz a chance to make his case. He's still got one year left on his deal, but you can do the math. Take the Cowboys' four established starters, as well as Cam Fleming and Marcus Martin. Then add Joe Looney. That gives you seven offensive linemen. Chaz makes eight. Then, factor in whoever they might draft. This team typically only carries eight offensive linemen, so the numbers will be tight. If Chaz really makes a statement at training camp, I could imagine them keeping him. If not, there's no harm in moving on.



The other day it was said that it seems like a waste resources on a guy who will only have limited opportunities to get on the field. With that in mind, why use a first-rounder on a LB not named Smith or Edmunds?

Bryan:Was just in Augusta on Tuesday -- what a neat place. Stephen Jones was asked that same question and said that part of the scheme of the defense is to have those three linebackers. If they draft guys like Leighton Vander Esch and Rashaan Evans, it won't be a wasted pick. Those guys will play in the rotation initially and if good enough start. At worse they're backup players that are your core special teamers. This defense requires bodies with ability so I have no problem with those selections.  

David:I think the difference there is in availability. Jason Witten hasn't missed a snap in 15 years, so it's a little easier for me to trust that he'll be on the field. Sean Lee is turning 32 this summer, and he has a lengthy injury history. We all know the deal with Jaylon Smith. Quality depth at linebacker feels far more important than quality depth at tight end, in my opinion.

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