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Mailbag: What's The Plan At QB Now Without Romo? When Will Michael Be Active?


I sent you a question in the offseason about our depth and said I thought we could survive injuries anywhere except at quarterback (Tony Romo) and lead receiver (Dez Bryant). I guess we will find out. What is the plan now?

Bryan: You will find out – and the plan I believe is to roll with Brandon Weeden and look to bring up Kellen Moore. Will have a couple of days to gather their thoughts and get something together but right now I believe that's the plan.

Rob: Brandon Weeden is the expected starter while Romo is out, and obviously he needs a backup. The Cowboys have Kellen Moore on the practice squad as one option – he has two years in Scott Linehan's system in Detroit so there's a comfort level there. Agree that Romo and Bryant are the two players you cringe in the offseason about losing, and now it's a reality. The run game has to help Weeden stay in manageable down and distance, but the offense still has to present some sort of threat downfield in order to score points. The defense and special teams have been outstanding through two games. Basically it'll take a collective effort to get through this stretch. What a gift Romo gave with that touchdown drive against the Giants -- the team is very fortunate to be 2-0 instead of 1-1.


I like the whole running back by committee approach. I think we have three running backs that can make plays. With Romo hurt do you think they should carry Michaels on their active roster? He might have the physical type of play that Murray had that can pick up tough yards and help Weeden out now that Romo is out.

Bryan: I honestly don't see Michael playing unless one of the backs gets injured and can't go. You said it yourself in your question – all three of the backs are making plays so there is no reason to make changes at this time.

Rob:Having Michael on the goal line on the first field goal drive Sunday did cross my mind. He's a bigger, powerful back who gets downhill. But the Cowboys only ran it once out of three tries there, with Randle getting stopped for no gain on first down. I'm not sure we've seen evidence yet that the current backs can't get short-yardage gains. I thought Joseph Randle did a solid job of getting tough yards in the first half and the holes started to open up a little for he and Darren McFadden as the game went on.

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