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Mailbag: What's Up With David Irving? Zack Martin's Mindset This Month?



Are you as concerned as I am with the shape that David Irving came into OTA's with? I feel like this is a make or break year for him and for him not to take his role seriously has me baffled.

Bryan:You shouldn't act like you know everything that is going on in his life at the present time. Irving has a lot of things that he needs to get straight before the season gets going. As long as Irving is ready for July 26th that's all you should care about. 

David:It is a bit strange that, assuming Irving is fully healthy, he's not ready to go for these practices. This is a big year for him, given that he's playing on a one-year deal. That said, these are still voluntary activities, at the end of the day. I'm not going to sweat it too much until the season gets a little closer.



I can understand why Zack Martin would sit out the OTA's since he could get injured before getting a new deal. Overall though, what do you think he's thinking? Is he concerned/upset that he doesn't have a deal yet or does he understand the business enough to know that his deal will get done and isn't concerned at all?

Bryan:He understands it's a business and if he goes out there and gets hurt without a long-term deal that would be stupid on his part. The club understands this as well and they accept that. As long as both sides are talking there is nothing to worry about but he's absolutely doing the right thing. 

David:I honestly don't think he's concerned at all. Martin isn't going through OTAs, but he's still at the facility. He's still going through workouts and getting himself ready. I think Martin's representatives want him to protect himself from injury, but there's no ill-will. It's just business. 

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