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Mailbag: What To Expect From Starting A Left-Handed Quarterback?


I'm sure you've gotten plenty of questions about Moore, but here's mine. Based on his performance against the Jets - the number of completions he had, and the way he spread the ball around most of the receiving corps - what was the main factor behind Moore's success?*

Bryan: He throws a catchable ball. As a receiver you do not have to guess where it's going to be. There is nothing harder for a receiver to have to deal with than a quarterback that puts the ball all over the place. It's hard enough to execute routes then have to adjust to a ball that is three feet above your head. One of Moore's best traits is his ability to put the ball right there for the receiver to handle – he is very friendly in this way.

David:Scott Linehan had a telling quote about Moore last week, and I was reminded of it during the game. He's got great anticipation, in the sense that he doesn't need to wait for his receiver to get open to throw the ball. That's not something we've always seen from Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel, and I think it helped Saturday.

Given Moore is a lefty -- and that the strong and weak sides are flipped from the QB perspective -- what changes might we expect to see (plays or personnel) and can we use it as an advantage since there is little tape for opponents to review?

Bryan: I think you are making more of a big deal than this really is. Quarterbacks have to be able to see the entire field and if you watch Moore play, his slant to the right is just as good as it is to his left. The deep ball on the "9" route to Dez Bryant was thrown to his right and was perfect and. If Dez could have beaten Darrelle Revis on the play, it would have likely been a touchdown.  

David:It's probably some sort of advantage that last week's game is the only tape Moore has with the Cowboys, but I think Bryan's right that you won't see anything too drastic. Jason Garrett isn't big on change for change's sake, and I think what you'll see these next two weeks will look familiar – just hopefully better-executed.

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