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Mailbag: What Would Signing Hardy Mean For The Draft Board?; Ryan Williams' Role?

If Dallas signs Greg Hardy, what position of need do they take with their first pick -- a DT, CB, RB, best athlete or do they seek to trade back?

Nick: At 27, I don't think it's out of the question to take the best guy on defense. Maybe running back would be fine if it's someone you really like. The part about running back that I prefer is getting him locked up for five years. Past the first round, all other contracts are no more than four. But defense is where this team needs help. Cornerback would be a good spot and if there was a highly-rated safety there, I'd take that spot. Linebacker wouldn't be bad or even defensive tackle. Yes, I'm all over the map, but so are the Cowboys' defensive needs.

David: Like we've been saying all along, it's pretty hard to predict what options will be available to them with the 27th overall pick. Honestly, I don't think signing Hardy would change that much in terms of draft needs. This team still needs pass rushers, and as of right now the defensive tackle spot is a little thin. Even with Darren McFadden on the roster, I won't be a bit surprised to see them go after a running back at some point. And even with Corey White on the roster, the issues surrounding Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne make cornerback an appealing idea. I think those are the main directions they can go. What they actually do will depend on how the dominoes fall in front of them, and whether anyone behind them has a pressing need to trade.

Ryan Williams looked good last preseason and stayed on the practice squad, now with Murray gone do you see him making a contribution in 2015?

Nick: Let's just wait and see how this whole thing plays out. If the Cowboys take a back in the first four rounds, then he'll definitely be in the mix and will squeeze out someone. Maybe it's Joseph Randle on the outs. Clearly they like Williams and have all along, but with McFadden on board and a rookie likely to follow, I just don't have a good feel for him getting more of a chance than he did last year. Yes, he can run the football but if he's not a starter, he really hasn't shown us – or given the chance to show us – that he can do the other things such as block, play special teams and even catch it out of the backfield.

David: The Cowboys clearly want Williams to compete for a role this year – otherwise they wouldn't have secured him to a two-year deal after the season. As with everything else in the NFL, though, nothing is for sure. Williams has an extensive injury history and not much experience to fall back on. Ideally, he'll probably also need to improve as a blocker and a special teams player. The fun thing about the running back spot is that it's sure to be a fierce competition without DeMarco Murray on hand to assume bell cow status. I'm guessing as many as five running backs are going to square off for three or four roster spots at training camp.

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