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Mailbag: When Does Dez's Absence Begin To Hurt?; Dominant Defense?

I understand that the NFL is a business and that the Cowboys are trying not to break the bank on a Dez Bryant deal, but when do you say the positives of having Dez in camp outweigh the negatives of not having Dez around and just make sure a deal gets done? He is a top wide receiver and I think the Cowboys should make sure a deal is reached sooner than later.

Bryan: This is just my feeling but I do not envision a day where Dez Bryant is not in camp when it comes time to go. The Cowboys will either find common ground or Bryant will play under the tag. Bryant understands this is a business, but he is a football player first and this is what he was put on this Earth to do. To his credit he has not made this a distraction for the team and he will continue to do so.

David: If it ever gets to a point where Dez is missing training camp practices, then I'd say that's when it starts to become a detriment to the team. But Bryant's willingness to show up to the facility this spring leads me to believe he won't do that. He wants a new deal, but he wants to play football even more. As long as he's in uniform for training camp – which I think he will be – the Cowboys should be fine.


*With all the additions on this defense, including Greg Hardy and draft prospects like Byron Jones and Randy Gregory, do you see this team having the makings to be a dominant defense this season? *

Bryan: Anytime you add elite players such as a Greg Hardy it is going to make your team better, but let's not forget that this defense was near the middle of the pack and things worked out well as far as the wins and losses went. I feel that with the addition of these players they have a better chance of playing consistently as a top 10 to 12 more so than a dominant one.   

David:I think this defense has the potential for improvement, but there's too many variables in play for me to expect a dominant effort. As of right now, we don't know how many games Hardy will be available for, and we don't know whether guys like Sean Lee and Rolando McClain can stay healthy. But I really do like the pieces they've put in place, and I'm confident this group can improve from its overall ranking of 19th last fall.

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