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Mailbag: When Will Dallas Get Active In Free Agency? Urgency In The Secondary?


I know that being "Big Players" in free agency is not always the way to go, but they don't have enough draft picks to fill all the holes for depth that they are losing. When are they going to sign someone?

Bryan: As painful as this might be now, the core of this team is better than the players they're losing. With the draft and college free agency they will be able to supplement their holes – I have no doubt about this. By the way, the money that you get for Tony Romo when released will not be available until June 2.

David:Go look at the dates the Cowboys have signed their free agents in recent years, and across the board you'll notice that the moves happened well into the free agency window. For better or for worse, the Cowboys don't want to jump into the bidding wars for premium guys. They don't want to overspend. In the coming days, they're going to bargain hunt. Then, they're going to try to upgrade the core talent on the roster through the draft. That's the blueprint. It's not overly sexy, but it's worked fairly well these last four years.


With the Eagles signing Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffrey and the Giants picking up Brandon Marshall, do the Cowboys now feel a sense of urgency regarding our secondary situation? It seems like our priority has been clarified.

Bryan: Nice to see China checking in. The priority is to add talent, no matter the position, but they were going to draft defensive backs regardless what the Eagles, Giants and Redskins were doing in free agency.

David: As of right now, I consider the secondary to be the Cowboys' biggest problem. They have just two proven corners, and their safety situation looks awfully shaky. I do not think they'd be able to play a game with their secondary in its current condition. Fortunately, they don't have to play a game any time soon. Like I wrote above, I think they'll look to fill the holes in the secondary with affordable free agents – then, they'll try to draft to upgrade the talent. It's an exciting time of year, but it's just Day 2 of a long process. Patience is important.

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