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Mailbag: When Will Rolando McClain Return? Progress On The D-Line?


I haven't heard anything about Rolando McClain since he was put on the PUP. Seems like we should be hearing something with all these moving parts at LB right now. Is this something to worry about or is he close to getting back?*

Bryan:I wish I could give you a great answer, but I honestly can't. He goes through the walkthrough practices in the morning and when the afternoon ones start, he is working with the trainers or is in the weight room. He is one of those players that you have to be careful with to make sure he is completely ready to go so hopefully we will see him sooner than later.

Rob: From what we've been told, they just want to make sure he's comfortable and doesn't have any setbacks when he returns to practice. The knee bothered him most of the season and McClain said he hoped offseason rest would alleviate things. When it didn't, he had the scope. They don't want him having to manage it this year just to get to the game like he did last year.



In team parts of practice has the D-Line been getting the penetration like they are in 1-on-1? Guys like Hardy, Lawrence, Gregory, Crawford, Mincey?*

Bryan:The pass protection during team period for the most part has been outstanding. Even when the defense throws a blitz or twist in there this line has been able to handle it. I thought that the defense had their best practice against the run on Tuesday, so that was a positive on their side.   

Rob: At times, yes. I've seen more penetration in the 1-on-1, but give the offensive line credit – they're the more experienced overall group and their communication is clearly on point in team drills. The two-minute drive Tuesday was excellent – Romo was 6-of-6 on a touchdown drive that ended with a Lance Dunbar touchdown. 

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