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Mailbag: Where Can Dak, Zeke Improve? Best Chance Of Improving Pass Rush?


With our soon-to-be sophomores Dak and Zeke, what are some things that you guys see that they should be working on in the offseason? Especially with Dak, because I know he has a full season in, and coordinators have better study material.

Bryan:Prescott is likely not going to have all his receivers here this Spring so working with the guys that are here is important. Bryant and Beasley but more importantly a guy like Andy Jones. This squad is going to need someone like Jones to step up and make this team. Chemistry with these guys will be huge going into training. Can't be behind there going into the season.

Rob: With Dak, I think you can flip that around and say he's had a year's worth of study material on defenses and the different things they'll try to throw at him. During the season he mentioned the importance of filing away a certain defensive look in his mind for the next time he sees it. For both guys, and really the entire 2016 rookie class, the offseason program will be big in terms of improving strength and agility. Year One to Two is usually the biggest jump players make.


Does the best chance of a much improved pass rush for next year come from the draft, free agency, or from the current roster?

Bryan:I think you could improve your pass rush with two things: better health and the draft. They need DeMarcus Lawrence and Charles Tapper not to miss time this season which along with the Gregory saga hurt them. The draft is deep with edge rushers - just have to make sure that if it comes down to one or two guys it's the right fit for them.

Rob:I'm glad you mentioned the current roster. Charles Tapper, a fourth-round pick last year, will have a chance to contribute after basically taking a redshirt year. DeMarcus Lawrence had to manage his back during this season, so you hope this latest surgery will allow him to play 100 percent. But I think the draft is the best chance to add talent because for years now the Cowboys haven't been big players in free agency.

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