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Mailbag: Where Does Tyrone Crawford Play This Year? Trading Up?

Last season Tyrone Crawford was moved to left defensive end due to injury. If he is moved back inside to a more natural three-technique position, does he automatically replace Maliek Collins? I personally think Collins is a better player with a higher upside. Your thoughts?

Bryan: You have an interchangeable piece with Collins. I wouldn't worry about where he plays because he will be just fine, because he's proven that. The guy they need to step up his game is Cedric Thornton. 

David:I think Crawford's position will depend on what the Cowboys do in the draft. If they find themselves a defensive end, I think he'll likely move. I also wouldn't worry about who starts, considering how much Rod Marinelli likes to rotate his linemen. Collins will find his snaps, whether he starts or not.


Is there one player that, in your opinion, is worth trading up for if still available at, say, No. 23?

Bryan: I am a fan of Tennessee defensive end Derek Barnett, but I sure do like my third-round pick, which I'd likely have to give up. 

David:If Barnett truly does fall, like some are suggesting he will, you could talk me into it. I'd also consider doing it for one of the top-rated corners on my board – whether that's Marshon Lattimore, Kevin King or someone else. But as I've said before, I'm pretty reluctant to part ways with picks. The best way to ensure success in the draft is to hold as many picks as possible.

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