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Mailbag: Where Would Ramsey Play? Lack Of Options For A Trade Back?


With Jalen Ramsey having the requisite competence and skill set necessary to play multiple positions, whose job security is more likely to be in jeopardy if he falls into Dallas' lap at No. 4? Brandon Carr, or Barry Church?*

Bryan: What will be interesting with Orlando Scandrick returning from his injury is where they are going to play him. There was some thought that he was going to play on the left side and Brandon Carr was going to be moved to the right. Jalen Ramsey has shown the ability to play on both sides, but I am not sure that he will initially be the starter here. I could see him backing up Carr much like Byron Jones did and working him in nickel packages. With that being the case, Scandrick would kick inside and Ramsey takes his spot on the outside opposite Carr.  

David: Honestly, I think the answer might be Morris Claiborne. If this team were to draft Ramsey, I think he'd probably play outside corner in nickel and dime formations – when Orlando Scandrick is handling the slot. With that in mind, I'd guess the starting secondary would be Carr and Ramsey at corner with Scandrick at nickel, while Church and Byron Jones would start at safety.

Did this blockbuster hurt our leverage to trade back, since both QBs are now likely gone by the time our pick rolls around?  Teams don't usually make a move up into the top 5 unless it's for a QB or a big time WR (like Julio Jones, though he went 6th).

Bryan: If you are interested in moving back, you will need a player like need Tunsil on the board to make that happen. The Ravens are in play at No. 6 and the Giants at No. 10. You would get a better selection from the Giants to swing that deal. I have no problem trading within the division and my experience in the room with Jerry and Stephen Jones, neither do they.   

David: I think it'd be a mistake to assume that two quarterbacks will be drafted in the top three. The Rams will certainly take a quarterback, but I don't think Cleveland will be coerced into drafting one if they don't feel sure about it. It's totally plausible to think the quarterback that the Rams don't take will be there at No. 4, which could prompt a trade.


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