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Mailbag: Which Free Agent Would You Re-Sign? Overlooking Terrell McClain?

I keep hearing about how we need a defensive tackle. Does that mean this coaching staff has no plans for Terrell McClain in the future, or are we just looking to get him some help?

Bryan: This group is big on rotations and it is important to them. I don't believe the staff is down on Terrell McClain, but let's be honest here – he has been here two seasons and hasn't made it through an entire one without being injured. Even with McClain on the roster they are going to likely add two players to the mix. Nick Hayden's spot is in question too.

David:McClain is under contract for one more season, and I'm sure he's in the plans for the defensive tackle rotation. Like Bryan mentioned, though, his injury history has to be a concern – as does his contract situation. McClain and David Irving are both guys who should factor at the position, but that doesn't mean the Cowboys can't try to upgrade.


If you could sign any of the Cowboys' free agents to a fair market deal which if any are you re-signing?

Bryan: James Hanna. I don't believe fans realize how important he is in the running game and on special teams. Kyle Wilber is a similar type of player on defense. Teams need players that do their jobs at a high level without much fanfare and that is what they have in Hanna and Wilber.

David:If I can get Rolando McClain back on a team-friendly deal, I'm all about it. Yes, I know all about his off-field issues and his up-and-down play, but he's a solid starter and can be fantastic when he wants to be. As long as you're not investing too much, I love what he brings to the defense. Aside from him, I think Jack Crawford is an underrated member of the defensive line rotation. I'd love to have him back at a fair price.

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