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Mailbag: Which RB Ranks Third Behind Gordon & Gurley; Done With Free Agency?

*With all of this talk about Gurley and Gordon, they both could be gone at No. 27. Who is the best option if the Cowboys get the third-best back? *

Bryan: I am going with a back that I feel is one of the most complete in this draft – Tevin Coleman from Indiana. From what I have seen from DeMarco Murray during his time here in Dallas that having a back that can fit in the zone running schemes, catch out of the backfield but more importantly not be a liability as a blocker is a real plus. Some folks like Jay Ajayi or Duke Johnson or David Johnson whom are all quality backs but not to the level of Coleman when it comes to that complete player.   

Nick: I won't admit that I've studied the draft and the prospects coming out as much as guys like Bryan or Dane Brugler, but I've seen things here and there and watched my share of college games. The guy that intrigues me for this offense is Duke Johnson of Miami. He's not very tall but we've seen shorter backs play with a low-center of gravity and have success. He makes up for it with power and breakaway speed. I think it's close between Johnson, Tevin Coleman of Indiana and maybe Jay Ajayi of Boise State as the third-best back

*The Cowboys have addressed so many positions already in free agency but what spot still needs work before the draft? *

Nick: The key word there is "address" because yes the Cowboys have signed two linebackers, a running back, a cornerback/safety, but other than Greg Hardy, none of these guys are preventing you from drafting that position in the first round. And they still could take a defensive end at No. 27, too. The point is none of these positions are untouchable. But I think the Cowboys aren't done at cornerback. Yes, they could draft a player but Corey White wouldn't stop me from adding another veteran and possibly drafting one, too. The Brandon Carr situation will be interesting but whether he's here or not, you can't rely that Morris Claiborne will be ready by camp so I would look to add another veteran cornerback.

Bryan:  I could see this front office adding a swing offensive tackle, defensive tackle or end to the roster before the draft. Trying to figure out those names myself but I am getting the feeling that they have some players in mind that could help them at these positions.


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