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Mailbag: Whitehead's Development? Impact Of The New Scouting Hire?

With some surprising undrafted wide receivers this year, and some praise for Andy Jones, does Lucky Whitehead look like a guy that could make a roster spot if he had come out this year? Does he look like a guy who has developed and been in the system for a year now?

Bryan: Lucky Whitehead made a few plays in the practice on Wednesday – it appears that the coaching staff is still trying to find things for him to do. His level of play tends to fit in the category of quick, underneath weapon. Not saying there is not a role for that but he needs to continue to try and be just more than that but also gain the trust of the coaches as an option for the return game.

David:In terms of his conditioning and his understanding of the offense, I'd say that Lucky looks like he's got an edge on the younger guys. My concern is that you just don't see Lucky Whitehead doing a lot of stuff on the outside of the formation, like Andy Jones and Chris Brown have been doing in these practices. His size limits him compared to some of these guys. I think if he makes the team, it'll be because he proves himself to be that valuable on special teams more so than his abilities as a downfield threat.

With the current promotion of Lionel Vital, do you think the Cowboys are preparing for what appears to be the imminent departure of Will McClay?

Bryan: Not at all. They added Vital to take the pressure off of McClay from having to go out on the road scouting. McClay needs to be around the Joneses and the team every day and this hire allows him to do just that. Vital is an old school scout that will be able to help the department come draft time much like he did in this past draft. I really do like the hire.

David:Not really, because they do different jobs. Yes, McClay is in charge of the draft during the offseason, but from now through the end of the year, he's going to be much more concerned with managing the Cowboys' roster and keeping an eye on pro personnel – scanning the league landscape for free agents, churning the roster. All that type of stuff. Vital's presence will allow him to do that without having to worry about the draft.


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