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Mailbag: Who Benefits Most From The Bye?; D-Line Improving?

Of those Cowboys with injuries, who will benefit most from the week off?

Bryan: I believe it will be Tony Romo. I am no doctor but physically he didn't look completely right on the field, but he managed to fight through it. Resting him all this week not having him practice until next Thursday will do wonders for his body going forward.

David: Romo is a good answer, but I'll go with Rolando McClain. It's not just his knee – he's been fighting that groin injury basically since Week 2. My guess is that he's going to do very little this week, which means by the time practice rolls around ahead of the Giants game, he'll have been resting his body for basically two weeks. That's bound to pay dividends for him going forward.

I know this is a little past the midway point of the season, but I am seeing a gradual process of this defensive line getting pressure now that guys are back. Do you think that this D-Line can get to the point where the Giants were ala 2007?

Bryan:That 2007 Giants front was outstanding. I do not see those types of players here currently, but to your point the pressure has been better with the exception of that Giants game. If they can get Lawrence and Spencer really going on the outside, it would help because Melton, Tyrone Crawford and Jack Crawford along with Mincey are getting that push in the middle to make quarterbacks uncomfortable in the pocket.   

David: I think that's probably some wishful thinking on your part. That Giants front had two All-Pros and a Hall of Famer playing on it, and I'm pretty sure the Cowboys don't have the talent to match that. That said, when the Giants game rolls around, this unit should have all of its options available to it for the first time this year – including Josh Brent. I don't think this pass rush will ever be elite, but it should be at full strength for the home stretch.

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