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Mailbag: Who Can Get Double-Digit Sacks? Surprise Rookie Wide Receiver?


Is there a defensive end on our roster that you think could be a surprise double-digit sack guy, or does Rod Marinelli's philosophy of constantly rotating players hinder that?

Rob: A true rotation does limit a player's snaps and thus the number of chances he has for sacks. But I'm fairly certain Marinelli would adjust the rotation if he found a "war daddy," a guy that defense's must account on each play, each game, each season. He hasn't had that type of player since DeMarcus Ware, but Plan B is to find solid production from a large group of contributors. If the defense can cobble together six, seven sacks from six, seven guys, those results sound pretty good.

Bryan:If someone is productive that won't keep these coaches playing that guy despite a rotation. DeMarcus Lawrence comes to mind as that guy who could be a double digit guy. Maybe David Irving as well. They have guys that have the potential; it's a matter of those guys finishing.


Hopefully this is a question that is asked before and after training camp is over. How does Brian Brown out of Richmond continue to fit on the projected roster? I know he's not the fastest, but he can certainly be the most dependable with the surest hands.

Rob: Brown seemed to make an impressive catch in just about every offseason practice. To your point, consistency is probably the most important trait for an undrafted rookie trying to make a team. But if the Cowboys keep only five receivers on the 53, it'll be hard to make it. Ryan Switzer already has a role, and Brice Butler had a good offseason. He's an experienced player who has shown he can step in if Dez Bryant were to miss snaps.

Bryan: I liked what I saw from Brown. You're right, not the fastest or quickest but catches every ball. He made one play a practice were I was impressed. I see him as a practice squad candidate at this point and go from there. Needs to beat out Andy Jones to make that happen.

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