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Mailbag: Who Has The Edge On Defense? Looking At Rico Gathers?

We all know what both Green Bay and Dallas bring to the table on offense. Which defense do you think has the better chance at pulling out the win for their team Sunday?

Bryan: They have the better pass rushers, but Dallas is better at linebacker and corner. If the game turns into a shootout, give me the group that can cover better. If Dallas tackles like they did the last time they played - I could see them being in good shape. 

David:As has been the story all season, people are quick to criticize the Dallas defense, but they lead the league against the run and they're No. 5 in the league in scoring defense. The Packers are 21st in scoring defense, allowing 24.3 points per game. I really like the Cowboys' odds of being able to do whatever they want on offense. Obviously, Aaron Rodgers presents a tough challenge for this defense – but I think they're better suited to limit Green Bay than vice versa.

I read where Jerry Jones was quoted as saying Rico Gathers might find his way onto the 53 with Randy Gregory out for a year.  Do you think we would see him active on game-days in the playoffs if so?

Bryan: You wouldn't activate Gathers unless you believe he could help. This is one I am keeping an eye on, because with the way they've struggled at tight end since the injury to Geoff Swaim, they've been looking for a match with Witten and Gathers could be it. 

David:Maybe I'll wind up looking foolish, but I'm not buying it. The line on Gathers is that he's come a long way in the nine months he's been here – but he still has a ways to go. I'm not sure you want to lean on a guy who has so little experience in a playoff game. The Cowboy are in a bind with just Jason Witten and Gavin Escobar on the roster right now, but I think it's more likely they try to make do than call up Gathers.

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