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Mailbag: Who Is The Bigger Loss On Sunday?; Melton's Production

Are you more concerned about not having DeMarco Murray, or the right side of the offensive line (Zack Martin/Doug Free) on Sunday?

Bryan:I am concerned not having Murray in the lineup if this turns into a game where the ball is in the air a ton -- just for the blitz pickup aspect. I really do believe this team could survive with Jermey Parnell at right tackle as long as Zack Martin is playing the guard. Even on one leg last week against the Eagles, Martin still managed to help Parnell on that side and the offense was able to function. Just a gut feeling today is that you will see Murray and Martin but more iffy on Free, so that will help the overall look and performance of the offense.

David:I'll put it this way. For one game, I think I'd prefer to have a 100 percent healthy Murray over Martin and Free. If we're talking about multiple games, then I'd rather have the two linemen. But for one game, with the playoffs potentially on the line, I'd like to have the NFL's leading rusher handling the ball. Jermey Parnell and Mackenzy Bernadeau have proven themselves capable at different times during their time with the Cowboys. I think they can hold their own if asked to.

Where has Henry Melton been? Has he been playing? He has a couple really good games and then disappeared. It seems like pass rushing downs Melton could be in there with Tyrone Crawford, Jeremy Mincey and DeMarcus Lawrence.

Bryan:Melton has been playing. Last week he was in the rotation with Terrell McClain playing as the nose and Melton as the under-tackle. Crawford has been a better player all season at the position and deserves to be the starter. My feeling is that Melton is what he is, and that is a situational player that is going to flash plays but never be consistent enough to rely on him down after down like he was with the Bears.

David:Up until Mincey and Crawford combined for four sacks the other night, this could have applied to the entire defensive line. It looked like Melton had arrived as a pass rushing force back in October and early November, but he has tailed off in recent weeks. It feels harsh to single him out when the entire unit has struggled at times, but there's no doubt the Cowboys need more from him.

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