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Mailbag: Who Is The Cowboys' Strongest Player? Zeke Reaching 2,000?

I'm a fairly young fan and I never really knew just how powerful Larry Allen was. Seeing that famous bench press, it got me thinking: Who's the strongest guy on team? La'el Collins?

Bryan:My understanding is Stephen Paea, Jonathan Cooper and Tyron Smith all have impressive bench press numbers on the squad. 

David: I'd have a hard time betting against Tyron Smith. The guy is an offseason award winner seemingly every year for his work in the weight room, and the way he bullies defensive linemen – on his own team and on others – is unbelievable. If I was trying to match Larry Allen's bench press, he's the guy I'd pick to do it.

With our receiving corps all healthy and the addition of our fourth round pick, Ryan Switzer, is 2,000-2,145 yards for Zeke feasible? Or is that something still a few years down the road?

Bryan:This team is still going to run the ball despite having all these options at receiver. With that being said, I would be surprised if Elliott gets close to 2,000 yards. I see a more realist number of 1,650 or 1,700 yards which still is outstanding.David:First of all, the NFL rushing record is only 2,105 – so expecting Zeke to break it by 40 yards sounds ambitious. But theoretically I do think 2,000 yards is possible. Let's do some basic math. Zeke ran for 1,639 yards in 15 games last year. If you adjust that for a full season, he'd have been somewhere around 1,740 yards. He did that on 322 carries, which is an average of 21 carries per game. If the coaching staffed upped that average to 25 carries a game, he could hit 2,000 if he maintained his rookie average of 5.1 yards per carry. But of course, factor that in with all the other weapons on this offense, and it's hard to imagine him maintain that average. I think it's possible but not likely.

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