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Mailbag: Who Needs The Offseason Program The Most?; How Close Is The D-Line?

Forget about free agency for a moment. Which player under contract needs the offseason (workouts/camps) the most?

Bryan: Great question…Dustin Vaughan. Hear me out on this one. This front office and coaching staff really need to see what they have in him to determine whether he could be considered a dependable backup and future starter at this point or do they need to consider other options down the road. This is a really big off season for him going forward.

David:I'll throw out two. Firstly, I'd have to say Sean Lee. It's easy to just pencil him into the starting lineup because we know how good he is, but we tend to forget how much work goes into recovering from a major injury. He's going to need the spring and summer to strengthen that leg and get comfortable again. Secondly, how about DeMarcus Lawrence? We saw a tantalizing glimpse of what he has to offer in the playoffs. It's important for that guy to be spending as much time as possible with Mike Woicik and the strength staff, as well as Rod Marinelli. The Cowboys need him to break out in 2015, and not suffer through a sophomore slump.


I may be alone on this one, but I think our d-line is one draft pick away from being really dominant. What are your thoughts on that?

Bryan: I assume that you are thinking that they are one pass rusher away? If that is the direction you are going – I have to agree with you. I am not sure about the dominant side much like they have in Seattle because they have four guys that really get after you and this Cowboys front isn't that way. It's a good front but not a great one but it has the potential to have a great player in DeMarcus Lawrence. It would make a big difference if they could add a similar type of player either through free agency or the draft.

David:I think that's oversimplifying it slightly. The reason I say that is because of how many pieces are in flux right now. Anthony Spencer, Nick Hayden and George Selvie are all free agents. All three of those guys are pretty easy to replace, but the Cowboys still need to make the right signings for the right prices. I think the D-Line has a really strong trio of Jeremy Mincey, Tyrone Crawford and DeMarcus Lawrence to build on. But ideally, I'd like to see them upgrade the left end position, the one-tech position and also bring in someone who can rotate with Crawford at three-tech. This unit is close to being good, but I don't know about dominant just yet.

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