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Mailbag: Who Replaces Tyler Patmon?; Predicting The Final Record

What do you guys think the Cowboys will do with Tyler Patmon out? Do you think they might just try and use Jakar Hamilton?

Bryan: I believe that they will most likely go with a true cornerback and bring Micah Pellerin off the practice squad this week with the option of using Hamilton just in case.

David:It would be nice to see Hamilton finally get some work this season, wouldn't it? I'm going to trust Bryan's opinion that Pellerin might play a role in replacing the rookie, but I'm not going to be surprised if Hamilton is active this weekend in New York and has a chance to showcase how much he's developed.


With a 7-3 record at the much needed bye week, and considering how they have played thus far. What do you predict the Cowboys record will be after Week 17?

Bryan: I believe they go 3-3 down the stretch and finish the season 10-6. If they don't make the playoffs that loss to Washington is going to be the one that bites them in the rear.

David: I'm with Bryan here, as well. This is why it was so important to jump out to a winning record with six home games in the first nine weeks. The remaining schedule features three division road games, a trip up to frosty Chicago to play the Bears and home games against two division leaders. That's a tall order for any team. If the Cowboys can just hold serve and go 3-3 down this stretch for a 10-6 record, it should be enough for a playoff berth -- maybe even a division title. 

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