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Mailbag: Who's The Odd Man Out On The D-Line? Roster Cut Rules?

If the Cowboys were to only keep nine guys on the D-line, who do u see being cut? If they move Crawford back to DT and kept Collins, Thornton and Paea there. With Lawrence, Charlton, Irving, Mayowa, Tapper, and Moore...who is the odd man out?

Bryan: I initially only had them keeping nine and I adjusted it to 10 by adding Joey Ivie. So going back to nine: I don't have either of the rookie defensive tackles making the squad. 

David:It should be fairly simple to keep all the guys you want – especially if David Irving starts the season suspended. DeMarcus Lawrence, Benson Mayowa, Taco Charlton, Tyrone Crawford, Maliek Collins and Cedric Thornton are all locks to make the team. Throw in Stephen Paea, Charles Tapper and Damontre Moore, and you've got nine. The two variables here are if Irving doesn't get suspended or if one of the rookie defensive tackles has an amazing preseason. Then you might have choices to make.

As a fan who is terrified of a key player suffering a major injury in a preseason game, I am thrilled with the elimination of the 90 to 75 roster cut down. I look at it as the team can now carry almost a complete extra starting 22 in the last weeks of preseason and in turn protect their starters. Does the team look at it the same way?

Bryan: No doubt. That final preseason game is a mess to have to deal with. The only problem is when you get a player injured that you were likely going to release then you have to injury settle with him. 

David:I've hated the cut to 75 forever, so I'm thrilled that NFL teams will finally be able to audition their fringe guys in the preseason finale. On top of that, the Cowboys have an extra opportunity to see young guys, because they play one extra preseason game. If it were up to me, the starters would only get significant playing time in the second and third preseason games.


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