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Mailbag: Who Starts At LB Besides Sean Lee? Prescott's Development?


Assuming Sean Lee stays at "Will" linebacker, who are your current favorites to play the "Mike" and "Sam" linebacker spots? I'd imagine Hitchens plays wherever the depth is weaker, which would allow us to play our best three. Who's the third?

Bryan: I believe that Hitchens will get the first shot at the "Mike." Mark Nzeocha and Andrew Gachkar will be there as well. Durant gives you a little flexibility at all three spots but I think his best spot will be backing up Lee at the "Will" and helping in the nickel. Wilber and Wilson will likely be at the "Sam" but that's the spot I am least sure about. Again, Durant could be a player here. The "Will" is the only spot that I believe is settled. If these guys don't work out in the preseason at the "Mike, I could see a move there.

Rob: Agree with Bryan that it makes sense to keep Lee on the weak side, where he played 14 games last year and had a Pro Bowl year. Hitchens has started eight games at the "Mike" the last two years, so he has the experience to step in there. Durant basically can play wherever you need him, so the strong side could be a possibility along with Wilber and Nzeocha. But remember, that's a position that comes off the field quite a bit when the Cowboys use an extra defensive back instead.


I know you have only gotten to see Dak Prescott a little bit so far. Do you think he has the talent and ability to grow enough this year to move into the backup position behind Tony Romo?

Bryan: They need Dak Prescott to sit the entire season. To answer your question, from what little we've seen during OTAs and minicamps, he is not ready to play at all. If you want to know which quarterback looked the best behind Romo in these practices it was Jameill Showers. Prescott will get plenty of chances to prove me wrong in the preseason, and to be honest I hope that's the case.

Rob: I don't think the Cowboys drafted Prescott planning to put him in that situation this year. He has an adjustment to make moving into a pro-style offense. If the Cowboys didn't think he could make the transition, they wouldn't have drafted him. But the faith is in Kellen Moore based on his past familiarity with Scott Linehan's system in Detroit and then his three appearances last season. I think it's fair to say Showers is further along than Prescott based on his year in Dallas last season.

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