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Mailbag: Who Steps In For Terrell McClain? A Chance For Kellen Moore?

Since we lost Terrell McClain, will we start seeing Ryan Russell? He had a strong preseason.

Bryan: Ryan Russell did get some work in the preseason inside at defensive tackle, but it was more the under-tackle than as the nose -- which Terrell McClain played. It is likely that you will see more of Davon Coleman and Ken Bishop as they work in the rotation at that nose tackle.

David: If I had to guess, the two guys who stand the benefit from McClain going to injured reserve are Davon Coleman and Ken Bishop. They were both productive from the defensive tackle position in the preseason. Bishop has been inactive in both games this season, but the Cowboys used Coleman in the win against Philly. For the time being, I think they're the next guys up.


Just wondering if Cowboys are considering Kellen Moore, or are Cowboys going to go with veterans that seem to not be able to start anywhere else?  Give the winningest college football player a chance.

Bryan: There is no doubt of the success that Kellen Moore had in college while at Boise. There is nothing physically impressive about Moore, but he does have the faith of Scott Linehan and that carries a great deal of weight. Moore should serve as the backup until Matt Cassel adjusts to a new playbook, but with quarterbacks that usually doesn't take long. I am looking forward to sitting down later on Wednesday and taking a look at some of Moore's film from the Lions and writing a report.

David: It's not lost on me that you're from Idaho, so I'm sure you're aware of how good Moore was in college. And I guess it depends on what you mean by "a chance." I think Moore will be the backup when the Cowboys face Atlanta on Sunday, but I wouldn't count on seeing him play unless Brandon Weeden is injured. They might not impress you, but both Weeden and now Matt Cassel have experience playing in this league. The Cowboys are looking for an experienced guy who can hold things together until Tony Romo returns, and I don't think Kellen Moore fits that mold right now.

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