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Mailbag: Who To Root For, Lions Or Giants? Moving Dak Outside The Pocket?

Since Dallas couldn't clinch the NFC East title last Sunday, they have that chance but will need some help this Sunday. Knowing the playoff implications, would you rather Detroit wins Sunday or New York?

Bryan: Clinch the division first – that way you know regardless you would have a home game in the playoffs. You can take care of things with the Lions the following week in your own backyard.

David:I'd much rather they clinch the NFC East and guarantee themselves a home playoff game as soon as possible, which means you'd want the Giants to lose this weekend. Yes, a Lions loss could help, because Detroit is competing for a first round bye. But the Cowboys have a chance to beat Detroit themselves next week, locking up a bye in the process. Clinch the East, first things first, and worry about the rest later.

I see lately that Dak likes to stay in the pocket and let it collapse around him, but wouldn't it be better suited for him to move outside the pocket so he can see more of the field, and be able to take off and run if he needed to?

Bryan: That's not by design. The Giants did an outstanding job of making him throw from there. When you can be disciplined with your front like the Giants were, that is what has caused Prescott problems. What he needs to do is be better from the pocket completing passes – if he is able to do that then defensive coordinators will have to figure out a different way to play him.  

David: I love the plays that Dak has made off play action and bootlegs all season long, but I swear it seems like teams are figuring that out. More often than not when he rolls outside the pocket, it seems like a defensive end is right in his face. Obviously, Dak can do a lot of damage with his legs, but I think the coaches know he needs to be able to make plays from the pocket to keep defenses honest.

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