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Mailbag: Why All The Fuss About Gurley?; What's The Plan For T. McClain?

Why is every "expert" fawning over Todd Gurley? Guy is guaranteed to go on the PUP list. Tell McClay to stay away!

Bryan: Have something against outstanding players? I wouldn't bet against this kid and neither would several other NFL teams. If you get the chance to draft a player with this talent regardless when he is ready to take that shot. As a matter of fact, I am now going to walk into Will's office and tell him he should trade up.  

David: He's widely regarded as one of the best running backs to come out of college football in the last decade – maybe the best since Adrian Peterson. On top of that, he'd be running behind an All-Pro line in Dallas. Yes, there's plenty of cause for concern that he'll miss part of his rookie season. Big deal. If he misses half of his rookie season, that's eight out of 80 possible games on his rookie contract.

In my opinion, every time I saw Terrell McClain in the game he was getting a push up field and disrupting the quarterback. Am I wrong to think he has a bright future and should be receiving more playing time?

Bryan: Great eye Larry. He is a disruptive player, and if they can keep him healthy, he would be a nice piece of the puzzle playing as the one or three. In speaking with coaches they have a plan for him.

David: When you consider the relative lack of action at the defensive tackle position, it makes you wonder how the coaching staff feels about the guys on the roster. We know they love Tyrone Crawford, and we know they value Nick Hayden's contributions enough to bring him back for 2015. If the Cowboys aren't planning on adding to the defensive tackle spot in the draft, I have no choice but to conclude they have a good feeling about McClain – not to mention other guys like Josh Brent, Ken Bishop and Davon Coleman.


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