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Mailbag: Why Can't Collins Go To Rookie Camp?; Possibly Trading An OL?

There was a quote in the article about signing La'el Collins about because of the union agreement he wasn't allowed to participate in the minicamp. Did I read that right? If so, what is that all about?

Bryan: This is true. If Collins had not visited the Cowboys until Thursday and signed on the same day, then he would have been good to go. From the rule book: "A club is permitted to bring in free agents who were eligible for the Draft to its facility after the Draft once, either at its three-day weekend minicamp, or for a one-day (24 hours) mid-week visit prior to the minicamp for the purpose of signing them. If a club chooses to bring a free agent player to its facility for a mid-week visit, it is also permitted to administer a physical examination at that time, but no on-field activity is permissible. Such players will not be permitted to attend the club's three-day minicamp."

David:Collins is already back in Louisiana, and he can't participate in minicamp – but that's hardly a big deal. This weekend is essentially a walkthrough for rookies to get acclimated, but it's not exactly strenuous football activity. Collins is allowed back at the facility starting on Monday, and he'll be allowed to work out with the team. He'll be on hand for OTAs and the full-team minicamp, which is the meat of the offseason program.


Now that Dallas has signed La'el Collins, their offensive line depth is top notch. With so many linemen, what are the chances that one of these guys gets traded to fill another need?

Bryan: I said yesterday on radio 105.3 The Fan that I would not be one bit surprised if someone needing an offensive linemen made a call to the Cowboys especially if that team has an extra running back that makes sense. The Cowboys have done an outstanding job of building depth as well so they might not want to lose that.

David:I don't think I see it, and I'm not sure I love the idea. The Cowboys have outstanding depth, and I like the thought of having capable backups in place if someone gets hurt. On top of that, I'd be interested to see how valuable those trade pieces are. Ronald Leary has a knee condition that kept him from getting drafted, and he's only under contract for one year. Doug Free is coming off surgery and he's 31. I don't know how high of a price those guys would command.

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