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Mailbag: Why Hasn't There Been Interest In Dez? Quirks Of The 2018 Schedule?



I know Dez Bryant isnot on this team anymore, but I'm curious why there haven't been any reports of him working out for a team or taking a team visit.  I know he's shown interest in playing for another NFC East team but has there been any real interest?

Bryan: Interest will come once team's figure out what they're going to do in the draft. It's hard to focus on anything else until those three days pass. I am sure that we will see some news as they get ready for OTAs and training camp.

David:It just does not make a ton of sense to sign a pricier, veteran wide receiver when the draft is looming. In less than a week, teams will have a chance to address their needs with young, affordable talents. When the draft is over, that is when I think you will see a market for Dez develop.



I'm a little superstitious about the schedule. There's something feel-good to me about ending the regular season at home. Since 2000, Dallas has ended their season at home only 5 times. Out of 19 possible seasons (including this one). All things being equal, in 19 seasons one would reasonably expect 9-10, 10-9, maybe 8-11 or 11-8. But 5-14? Is AT&T Stadium booked so Dallas has to finish on the road? None of the NFC East teams are even close. Talk me down before I get too conspiratorial.

Bryan: It's all the NFL. The team has first priority on the building and the business side works around that. If league says you play on the road in Week 17 -- you play on the road. The flip side to this is that they've opened at home for years. That's a huge advantage getting the season off on the right foot.

David:I will answer your last second first and remind you that the Cotton Bowl is being played in AT&T Stadium the day before Week 17. I doubt anyone wanted to turn the field around that quickly. But aside from that, I cannot bring myself to care about this. Sorry, Alan. The schedule is the schedule. You have to play eight at home and eight on the road. The Cowboys opened the season at home for six straight years before this. These are the breaks of finding a schedule that works for all 32 teams.

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