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Mailbag: Why Is It Always The Giants In Week 1? Room On The D-Line?

With the obvious answer being money, why does the league keep putting the Cowboys and Giants in a Week 1 primetime matchup?

Bryan: The league is in the entertainment business and traditionally that's what that game is. Division opponents that don't like each other with passionate fanbases make the game a must watch. 

David:I think they like having a tent pole game to start the season. The Cowboys and Giants are two of the most popular teams in the league, and they represent two of the biggest markets in the league. Plus, we know it's likely to be a good game, considering that this matchup has been decided by a touchdown or less on eight of the last nine occasions. I get that fans are probably tired of seeing it, but the league probably likes it because it's a sure thing.

Cowboys already have 9 defensive linemen (Tapper, Lawrence, Mayowa, Moore, Irving, Crawford, Collins, Thornton, Paea), & will likely add another on draft day. There's no way they carry 10-plus defensive linemen into the season, right? Who's on the hot seat to be the odd man/men out?

Bryan: I think you will see them carry 10 if they have to. You will likely be light at a couple of positions, namely quarterback, so it's never a bad plan to carry extra defensive or offensive linemen -- hard positions to find during the season. 

David:We've seen them carry 10 before, so I wouldn't rule it out. On top of that, they aren't heavily invested in some of these guys. It wouldn't surprise me to see them cut Tapper, Moore or Paea if they have to. It just depends on who they draft and how training camp shakes out.


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