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Mailbag: Why Isn't The Cap Finalized?; Trading Back A Possibility?

Hey guys, I'm not sure if I should know the answer to this so forgive me if it's a dumb question but with so many teams trying to decide how to sign free agents, why does the league wait so long to set the salary cap?

Bryan: That's a great question and one that I went hunting for answers for. Nobody has a real good idea but it might be due to some TV contracts and other numbers that needed to be added in to get the final numbers. The number is based on percentages of revenue and that just might not be determined yet. Other factor might be that the league doesn't want to give those numbers to the clubs, which would allow them to strike deals before free agency opens.

David: I can't call it a dumb question, because I've been wondering about this a lot myself. Free agency opens in roughly two weeks, and teams obviously want to formulate strategies on how much they can afford to spend this year and how it would affect the structure of their deals. I assume we'll know what the cap is very soon, but it's puzzling to me that it's not out already.


If a player Dallas wants is not available at No. 27, do you think they will trade down, and what would they get for that, a high 2nd and a 4th?

Bryan: In the draft to make a trade you will have always have to have a partner. There has to be a player there that someone wants and that is where you receive the best value. Without a partner you can always trade back but not get that value so trading back is not always the best option. Also you have to be mindful of what player or players you are trading away from.

David: This seems like a pretty plausible scenario, given how late they're picking this year. If their board doesn't have any first-round grades or any big positions of need, trading back makes a lot of sense -- if someone is willing. It's kind of hard to project what they'd get, because we don't know who would be making the deal. But keep in mind: last spring the Cowboys had to give away the 47th and 78th picks (2nd and 3rd round) to move up 14 spots for DeMarcus Lawrence. So they could stand to gain quite nicely in a trade back.

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