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Mailbag: Why Not Keep Jones At CB? Should Cowboys Get Chris Johnson?

What's with all the talk of Byron Jones moving to safety? We drafted him to be a cornerback. Why set him back in his development a full year? It takes a young player a couple of years to fully understand all of the nuances of the position.

Nick: Well, I personally think Jones will end up at safety. I think it comes down to having either a good cornerback or a great safety. That's not an easy question to answer, considering how important cornerback is. But I think the skill-set Jones has will make him a really great safety and that's where I would like to see him play. So I don't think you're setting him back if he plays some safety because to me, that's his best position.  

Bryan: I don't think you are giving Byron Jones enough credit and his ability to learn two positions. In minicamp they had him playing both corner spots and safety without a hitch. You also have to remember that for two seasons Jones played safety at UConn so it's not like he is having to learn the position.

* So is there any truth to the rumors of the Cowboys landing Chris Johnson? If so, does that mean the Cowboys would cut ties with McFadden?*

Nick: Doesn't sound like the Cowboys have a lot of interest in Johnson right now. One thing to remember is Johnson didn't seem interested in signing for a low-dollar contract like McFadden. He was always available but not for that price. To answer your question though, yes if the Cowboys were to sign a veteran like Johnson, then I think it would definitely signal that McFadden isn't the answer. But for now, I don't see that happening.

Bryan: Spoke with a couple of different sources last night asking about the chances of landing Johnson and the response that I received that there was no interest at this time. My opinion is if they add a running back it will be through a trade.

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