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Mailbag: Why Not Kellen Moore? What Happened To Cole Beasley?


If the game result will be the same (a loss) why not start Kellen Moore at QB?  Give the man a chance and let's see what happens. It can't be any worse than what is going on now.*

Bryan: I understand what you are saying here and I don't disagree, but I would have considered doing it last week against the Giants. There is something about his game that draws my interest, but they will continue to go with Cassel until Romo is back here in two weeks.

David:Kellen Moore comes with a learning curve, given that he has never started an NFL game. Maybe he's a future Hall of Famer, but it's a damn-near guarantee that he will take some time to adjust. That's not time the Cowboys are willing to spend while they try to stay afloat in the NFC East. Cassel didn't play well, but he's an 11-year veteran with starting experience. This coaching staff values that more than anything until Romo comes back.


What has happened to Cole Beasley? Just doesn't seem like he's being targeted or utilized this year in our pass game. Do you think this is a function of our backup's just not reading the field as quickly or not reading it right? Seems like he runs good routes from my layman's perspective.

Bryan: Was open several times during the game but just didn't get the ball. Could have had a huge play in the final drive but Cassel never saw him. Really misses Romo and his ability to find him consistently. Just not the same with these other quarterbacks.

David:It's become incredibly obvious during this stretch that Tony Romo is to thank for a lot of Beasley's success in this offense. I'm not trying to pile on the guy, but it apparently takes an All-Pro caliber quarterback to consistently find him. Very rarely is he the first read on a play, and Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden haven't been able to go through those progressions.

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