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Mailbag: Why So Much Emphasis On Drafting CB?; Mid-Round RB Options?


Why all the talk about drafting a cornerback in the first round? I thought the front office had learned its lesson. Having a dominant line must surely come first.

Bryan: Just because Morris Claiborne hasn't worked out doesn't mean that you stick your head in the sand. They went and got Hardy, which will help. This team needs help at corner too. This draft will provide what they need and they need to take advantage of that.

Rob:Won't argue the defense needs more pass rush, particularly from the interior, and there's still uncertainty about how many games Greg Hardy is eligible to play. But cornerback arguably has more question marks than any position on the roster. What happens with Brandon Carr? How long before Mo Claiborne gets back on the field? Can Corey White win a job in subpackages and be effective? Plus, there's a good chance cornerback will present the most value if the Cowboys stay at No. 27. Even if Kevin Johnson is off the board by then, prospects such as Marcus Peters and Byron Jones may be nice grabs.


I keep seeing and hearing about Gurley and Gordon. What about Tevin Coleman? I think this guy at 6-1, 220 pounds could be just as effective and we should be able to get him in the second round. Thoughts? Also what about Artis-Payne or Yeldon?

Bryan: I like Coleman better than Gordon, but that is me. I think Gurley is the most complete back in the draft. This past week they were able to visit with the top guys in the country so they could go several different ways. I like Yeldon as well and would be a nice option in the third if he was there.

Rob:When I watch Coleman, I see DeMarco Murray: frame, running style, versatility. If the Cowboys go elsewhere in Round 1 -- assuming there's no Adrian Peterson deal that breaks social media -- Coleman in Round 2 would fit what the Cowboys do with their backs. Yeldon doesn't have home-run speed, but he's a three-down back who may be undervalued on Day 2. The fact that Artis-Payne might be a Day 3 pick is proof of this draft's running back depth.

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