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Mailbag: Why Stand Pat At Running Back? Can Mo Claiborne Win A Starting Job?

Dwayne H.Greensboro, NC

Could there be an underlying battle at corner for the entire season between Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne? There were rumors of cutting Carr for different reasons in the offseason and the fifth-year option wasn't picked up on Claiborne. What happens if Claiborne finally stays healthy and plays to his potential this year?

Bryan:Then this front office is going to have to make a decision whether to attempt to re-sign him. There is a side of me that believes if he plays well that he might look elsewhere for a fresh start. He might feel that it's time to move on after the beating that he has taken from the fans.

David: Claiborne's health can only be a good thing for this secondary, as it gives them additional depth and talent in a unit that has needed it in recent seasons. Does that mean he'd unseat Carr? I doubt it. If anything, the Cowboys will use Orlando Scandrick in the slot often, which would open the door for Claiborne to get some work on the outside. The real question, in my opinion, is whether Claiborne can fend off Byron Jones and Corey White?

Randy SeedleWake Village, TX

Now that Ryan Williams has been released and Darren McFadden is on PUP, how much longer before we start to see the Cowboys bringing in running backs for workouts? Are the price tags for Chris Johnson and Ray Rice just too high, would the Cowboys rather have someone younger, or do they just really want to see what Joseph Randle has? Personally I hope he can be the man, but I question the "depth" at the position. What do you guys think?

Bryan: I have said this since day one – if they make a move it's going to be on a trade. They are in a position with their own selections and potential high compensatory picks to make a deal that can handle how they need to address the position.

David:They're not going to look around until they're more convinced that McFadden can't stay healthy. The company line right now is that McFadden will be back in a week or so, and if that's true, then this shouldn't be an issue. If his injury problems persist into the preseason, then I'd expect you'll see some movement. But that's still a week or two away.

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