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Mailbag: Why The Cut From 90 To 75? How Many RBs Make The Team?

With training camp about to begin, what is the point of the cut down to 75 provide a team? Why not leave it at 90 until the final cut to 53?

Bryan: It's an interesting question. I know as a former personnel man that we would have been so happy if we had 90 guys to play that final preseason game. The idea is to give teams the opportunity to look at a player for their roster even if it was just for a short week before the final cut down. I feel like teams don't take near enough advantage of that cut to 75 – there are some players to be had there because teams will try and sneak guys through to later add to the practice squad.

David:I have heard coaches complain about this before, and the small amount of time you're playing with 75 men seemingly makes it irrelevant in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, the league allows teams to cut straight from 90 to 53. That said, by the tail end of training camp, I think coaches have a solid idea of what they intend to do.



How many backs do you think the team will actually keep being they have four running backs, and two fullbacks listed on the roster?*

Bryan: Four total. Three running backs and one fullback. My guess is that unless they make a move for a running back during camp that we will see McFadden, Randle, Dunbar and Clutts with Williams being the odd man out.

David:I agree with Bryan – although the possibility of acquiring a new running back could change that. If the Cowboys do in fact add another back during training camp, I could potentially see them carrying four running backs – like they did at the start of 2013. If not, then the logical choice is three running backs and Clutts.

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