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Mailbag: Will Chaz Green Be The Swing Tackle? QB Workload vs. Houston?

Are the Cowboys ready to officially name Chaz Green as the swing tackle or are they still evaluating?

Bryan: It appears that Chaz Green has won this job really without a fight. He will be the swing tackle going into the season. No question that his play has been up and down but he's the best option at this point. I expect the Pro Scouts will keep an eye on other team's practice squads in case they see a better replacement in the future. 

David: I do expect Chaz Green to be the swing tackle, but I wonder if the front office will try to add another offensive tackle for depth purposes. I haven't been wowed by any of the other backup tackles on this roster, but it's possible the Cowboys could put a claim in on someone else. It all depends on whether they feel comfortable with Green as their only real depth.

How do you think the coaches will handle the workload during Thursday's game?  I feel like Jameill Showers should get all the reps to see if he is good enough to be the backup to Dak.  I don't think the team has the luxury of keeping 4 QBs if they don't put Romo on IR.

Bryan: Jameill Showers will get all the reps and you are correct, they will not keep four quarterbacks on this roster. The front office is looking for a veteran that has played games. If they don't find that guy then I expect we will see Showers as the backup to Dak Prescott until further notice. 

David:It would be utterly foolish to expose Dak Prescott to injury in this game – especially with all the reps he's already gotten in the other three. I expect Showers to play the full game. If something were to happen to him, I imagine we'd see an emergency quarterback to get them through the final whistle. This weekend, I think they'll try to add a veteran who can bring some experience to the room. Whether they succeed in doing that will likely determine whether Showers ends up on the practice squad or the active roster.

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