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Mailbag: Will Murray Be Valued By Other Teams?; Rotational D-Linemen?

With the release of Steven Jackson, Deangelo Williams, Reggie Bush, Chris Johnson and others, does it strengthen the front office's case for the devaluation of running backs? Does it make the option to leave more obvious for Murray, considering teams are freeing roster and cap space?

Bryan:I could be wrong about this but I would be surprised if there was more than two or three teams that come after Murray. I think there is a team that is sitting there with an offer in mind that is going to blow him away. The hope for the Cowboys fan is that I am completely wrong and there are no offers for him and his best offer will come from the Cowboys and that is the avenue that allows him to return.

David:I don't think any of those guys are really a fair comparison for Murray. Jackson just finished his 11th season in the league, Bush and Williams just finished their ninth seasons and Johnson just finished his seventh. I get your point, though, and there's no denying it – the position just isn't as valuable as it was when those guys entered the league. As for whether Murray wants to leave, it's going to depend entirely on what someone is willing to pay him. I expect there to be at least two or three teams willing to battle the Cowboys for his services.


What can be expected of the defensive linemen already on the roster: Chris Whaley, Ben Gardner, Kenneth Boatright, Ken Bishop, Josh Brent?

Bryan:The player that I am most interested in is Chris Whaley because he is the one that I know the least about. It was good to see Boatright, Bishop and Brent get snaps last season but to expect them to be anything but rotational players is asking a great deal. Just me but I am worried about Gardner in how early in his career we are already starting to see injuries.

David:I expect all of those guys to hang around through the offseason and into training camp, and a few of them to have a shot to make the roster. Gardner is probably the most intriguing,  because he was an all-conference player and Dallas spent a draft pick on him. It would be a mistake to lean on any of those guys to break out, though. The most realistic hope is that a couple of these guys can contribute to the rotation.

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