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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Keep Romo On The Roster During His Recovery?

Should the team make Romo the No. 3 QB while he heals so he could be available during games to help Prescott or Showers instead of a short-term IR designation?

Bryan: I would use him as the 3rd quarterback if his health allowed. There is a side of me that believes that he will be ready before the short-term IR designation runs out.

David:It's a tricky situation, because Romo is essentially a wasted roster spot for the time being. However, if they put him on injured reserve, he wouldn't be able to play until Nov. 6 against Cleveland. I think they're going to carry him as their third quarterback. If it takes him seven or eight weeks to recover, he might be ready to go as soon as Oct. 16 at Green Bay. The risk of keeping him on the roster is worth the reward if he can return quickly.

With the most recent injury to Tony Romo, which do you feel the front office "wishes" they had done different...add a veteran QB anyways or upgrading the defense more to help take the pressure off the now-starting QB Dak?

Bryan: Even with what Jerry Jones said about Dak Prescott being the backup quarterback last week – I felt like they were still going to look for a backup quarterback and sign if the right one came along. As far as adding defensive help, they were going to do that anyways.

David:Honestly, they probably feel pretty good about their choices, simply because of how well Dak Prescott has played. But that feels more like good luck than anything else, given how few fourth-round picks are ready to play quarterback as rookies. As usual, it doesn't feel like they've done a good job of addressing the defense. But they're way higher on the potential of their players than I am.

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