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Mailbag: Will The NFL Change The Rules After The Dez "Catch?"; Draft Priorities?

I get sick to my stomach every time I watch the replay of the great "catch" Dez made against the Packers. Do you think the NFL will eventually change the rule even though there was no guarantee Dallas would have won or lost?

Bryan: There is no doubt that it will be talked about plenty this off season by the various members of the rules committee. Both Jerry and Stephen Jones told us at the Senior Bowl that there needs to be a clearer definition of the rule and how it is applied to the game so I expect that we will see more information in the coming months in what direction the league might take.

David:Stephen Jones is a member of the NFL's Competition Committee, and I assure you the rule will be discussed when the committee meets in Indianapolis in February. I'm guessing that the outcome of Packer game will influence Jones' decision, but it's hard to say if that'll sway the rest of the committee. This was one of the most hotly-debated rules in the NFL before "The Catch," so it'll be interesting to see if that play affects anyone's decision.


Say we do not re-sign DeMarco Murray to a contract, does running back become are main objective in the first round of the draft or do we look for one in the third to fourth round, seeing as we need a defensive game changer.

Bryan: Still about the best available player in my eyes because there are other issues on this team that need to be addressed. What if you don't sign either Doug Free or Jermey Parnell then you need a right tackle – in my opinion that's just as important as signing Murray. Just because you lose him doesn't mean that you are locked in that position.   

David:The fun thing about picking 27th overall is that there's no way you can predict who's going to be there -- and that's assuming they don't trade the pick. We all know how badly the Cowboys need a pass rusher. But what if there aren't any top-notch defensive linemen left, and a quality offensive tackle or a game-changing running back are sitting there for the taking? It's going to lead to a lot of interesting conversations. Ideally, you want to fix the defense, but you can't guarantee it'll be that easy. 

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