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Mailbag: Willing To Trade Up For The Right Prospect? Free Agency Attitude?



Which prospect you would trade up the furthest to take, and how high are you willing to go to get him?

Bryan:Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds would be my guy. I love his size and play making ability. The fact that he could play all three spots is a plus. I believe you'd have to go somewhere between Cincinnati, Washington, Green Bay and Arizona to add him. Those are picks 12-15. 

David:I don't have any interest in trading up for Calvin Ridley, because this is a deep receiver class. If I was going to make that move, I think it'd be for Florida State safety Derwin James. I think he's one of the handful of big-time defenders in this draft class, and he fits a need for the Cowboys. I'm not trying to mortgage my future in a trade, so I wouldn't jump too far. But if James was sitting there at 15 or 16, I'd try to get a deal done to go get him.



In 2017, free agency did not have results with the hiring, what can we expect in 2018 at this point?

Bryan:I believe you're going to sign your own, and I don't believe that Anthony Hitchens will be part of that. I could see Indianapolis making a run there and will likely price you out. Will continue to try and do a better job on their bottom fishing for some bargains. 

David:Like we keep saying, I'm guessing you're going to see a similar strategy from previous years. Priority No. 1 is retaining DeMarcus Lawrence, and then I'd imagine the front office will turn to their other free agents to see if they can afford them. If not, you'll likely see some lower-end spending down the line. Hopefully it pays off with some better results than last year.

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