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Mailbag: With Foles Off The Table, What Now? Longshots On The Roster?

What is wrong with the Cowboys for taking so long to go after Nick Foles and now he has signed with the Chiefs. Who are our other options?

Bryan: It's clear that the front office is looking at all possibilities to replace the injured Kellen Moore. Working the phones on Wednesday, guys around the league were thinking that the Cowboys had a shot at Nick Foles, but he's now in Kansas City. It now appears that the Cowboys are trying to work with Cleveland and Josh McCown. McCown is viewed as the perfect backup due to his willingness to play whatever role he is asked. Teammates have had nothing but outstanding things to say about him in the locker room. He was helpful to Johnny Manziel in trying to help him while he was with the Browns.

David:I thought pursuing Foles was a good idea before Kellen Moore got hurt, so needless to say I think the Cowboys missed a pretty good opportunity by not securing Foles' services. I honestly don't know where they go from here. I hate the idea of trading for a quarterback who 1. Probably isn't that good and 2. Hopefully won't have to play. The free agent market isn't inspiring, either. I don't think the front office will do this, but I'd kick the tires on Michael Vick. He's the best option among a bunch of unappealing choices, he'd be cheap and you don't have to trade anything away to get him.

Assuming Jameill Showers and Darius Jackson have good preseasons, can you see Dallas keeping both on the roster?

Bryan: I see both having uphill battles -- especially for Showers if they add a veteran quarterback. It's possible that both have good preseasons and make it difficult on the front office and coaching staff to make that call. I am just not sure how they are going to use their numbers at running back? They've been using a fullback more in these practices so it appears that is still in their plans. If that's the case then that makes Jackson's spot in question.

David:I have long been on the record saying that I like Jackson's chances if he can show his value on special teams. Even with the injury to Kellen Moore, I think Showers has his work cut out for him. The team is going to add another quarterback, so Showers will still be No. 4 on the depth chart. He's probably going to have to outplay the newcomer to earn a roster spot. 


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