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Mailbag: Witten in Silver and Blue in 2020?


Is Jason Witten a serious consideration for the Cowboys in the 2020 season? – CHRIS DON / WAXAHACHIE, TX

David: I definitely think it's possible. Witten and Mike McCarthy have had conversations, and there seems to be an open line of dialogue between he and the organization. But I'm not ready to bet on it. At some point, the Cowboys need to get younger and more athletic at that position.

Nick: I can't imagine this being a serious consideration for the Cowboys. If it was, ownership would probably not have said "no comment" when asked about his future. If I know Witten at all, he wants to still play, but he certainly wants to be wanted. So he might be looking at his options, but he's not going to let this get awkward. He'll retire again before it looks like he's out there searching for a team. I just don't think the Cowboys are looking to bring him back for another year.

If we can't re-sign Byron Jones, do you think cowboys should resign Anthony brown? He has NFL experience, he's a good locker room guy, and he wouldn't cost that much. You can still spend a high draft pick, but you have solid insurance. – JAVIER ALVARADO / LOS ANGELES, CA

David: If the price is right, I'm all in favor. Brown can play in the slot and outside, and he's got solid ball skills. It's always going to depend on the market. I wouldn't want to break the bank, but it would be nice to have an experienced starter back on the roster if they lose Byron.

Nick: If they don't re-sign Byron Jones, there has to be a different plan in place – one that doesn't include or exclude Anthony Brown. Nothing against Brown because I think you can make the case to bring him back. But Jones is the No. 1 cornerback on the team and has been an All-Pro. If he's not there, then you look to the draft and perhaps free agency. But the decision on Brown should be independent on Jones. Now, focusing on Brown, I would think he gets to test the market and see what's out there. I've never really thought he was coming back.

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