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Mailbag: Word On Jasper Brinkley? Possibly Keeping Four Tight Ends?


Why is it that no one mentions Jasper Brinkley when talking about the linebackers? Did he get cut, somehow retire without me knowing it just like Rivers did?*

Bryan: Jasper Brinkley has been running with the 2's and has been steady. When you watch him play – that's just how he is. Never going to be out of place nor make many mistakes. Has been getting some reps on special teams as well.

David:I'd guess the reason why you haven't heard much about Brinkley is because Anthony Hitchens has taken on the role of starting middle linebacker while Sean Lee works his way back to full-team practice. The Cowboys brought in Brinkley to solidify their linebacker corps, but I'd guess they want to take every opportunity to determine what type of playmakers they have at the position.


It sounds like Geoff Swaim is making an impression.  If he were to make the 53, whose job is most in danger: Hanna, Escobar, or Clutts?

Bryan: Swaim has done a nice job on his routes but really hasn't done much as a blocker so we will see how that plays out in these preseason games. To be quite honest I believe he is a real long shot to make the 53-man roster but if he does that spot will likely come from the receivers.   

David:It wouldn't be terribly surprising to me if they keep all four tight ends – because I certainly don't see them cutting Hanna or Escobar. Of the three options you gave me, I'd guess Clutts is the most likely to be cut. But I don't really believe that, either, as we've seen how much this staff values the fullback spot. I think Bryan is right that they'll likely account for it by only keeping five wide outs, and I'd also guess Swaim needs to make quite an impression.

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