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Mailbag: Working Out Martin's Contract? Interest In Adding LB Depth?


How much longer do you think this Zack Martin contract deal will drag out? Any reason why Travis Fredrick's & Tyron Smith's extensions did not drag out as long? (or at least it didn't seem like they dragged out as long).

Bryan: It's a position where the price of paying it has doubled and even tripled. It's not just like tackle where the market has a clear path. His agent is doing the right thing by working the deal completely. It will get done but it will just take a little longer, that's all. 

David: There's a couple of factors at work there. Firstly, the value of the guard position has been ballooning in recent years. Guards are making $10 and $12 million per year, and guys like Quenton Nelson are getting drafted in the top 10. On top of that, Martin is arguably the best guard in the league. He's going to command top dollar. And even if he wants to play for Dallas forever, he's not going to take a discount. I think all of that combines to draw the process out a bit.


Do you think there would be any interest in signing newly released linebacker Mychal Kendricks? He could definitely come in a boost up this linebacking corps.

Bryan: I don't see an interest in Kendricks at this point, especially since they drafted Vander Esch and Covington. Throw in Smith from last year and they want to see these guys play. 

David: I've never met Mychal Kendricks, but if I had to guess, I bet he thinks he's capable of starting. That's not going to happen here — not with all the additions this team has made at be position. I think the Cowboys are happy with the depth they've added over the last three months.

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