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Mailbag: Worried About Depth At Linebacker? Who Dresses On The DL?

Are the Cowboys combing the waves of free agency to find help at linebacker and defensive back, especially with injuries attacking the thin crew at linebacker?

Bryan: You're going to be light this week at linebacker, but good next week with Hitchens coming back. Carroll will be back for the corners this week and Awuzie next. I am waiting this out. 

David:This weekend could be pretty interesting if Sean Lee has to sit out, but I think the Cowboys have the numbers to make it work. I'm assuming Justin Durant and Jaylon Smith would be your starters, while Damien Wilson can be valuable at all three spots in reserve. Keith Smith had to practice some at linebacker this week, and I assume he'll be ready to go as emergency depth if necessary.

Do you think for the coaches it will come down to whether they want to focus on holding the edge (Taco) or getting off the edge (Tapper) week-to-week for who will be active? This will only be a bigger debate when David Irving comes back, as has Taco's size but with pass-rush ability.

Bryan: I want to believe that they'd dress the best guy. Charlton wasn't bad in the Arizona game, so my guess is he'll dress again this week. Keep an eye on Irving playing more at tackle than end, especially in those three man line packages. 

David:I assume they're going to find a way to dress Taco as often as possible. He's your first-round pick, and he's not improving if he's not playing. When Irving gets back, it could get a little tricky. You could perhaps sit Brian Price, or maybe one of the linebackers to make room.

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